The digital first brands were born out of the heart of innovation. Innovation has led CavinKare to transform from a pure Personal Care player to a FMCG conglomerate, and now looking to venture into a foray of digital first brands. ...


Electrix and Germflush

Electrix is cavinkare’s digital first hygiene brand. With the onset of the ...

Salon in a box

Salon in a Box is CavinKare’s Internet first Professional care brand. ...


Petterati is a holistic pet care brand that aims to provide Pet Safe products ...


Truthsome is CavinKare’s Internet first Personal care brand.The key pillars of ...


Feel happy to work with CavinKare Team. As it is a well Established Brand, under which we are able to promote the products successfully via Online Retail. As the Future will be functioning through online, we like to establish ourselves in the Growing Trend. In addition getting recognized by a well-known Brand, helps us to improve further. We are excited to work with CavinKare. Thanks for the continuous support.

Chozha Enterprises

The entire team at CavinKare is extremely professional and really helpful. They have guided us in every step for starting an online business. The brand name CavinKare is pretty big and makes the partnership reliable. They are also launching a wide range of products suitable for the online audience which helps us gain more customers.


Partnering with CavinKare has opened doors to many opportunities and the team is also very helpful. We are very happy to have partnered with the CavinKare team. The pandemic has made online shopping as the go-to market, and it is the prime time to establish a business in the e-commerce space. We wish to grow alongside a reputed brand and thank you for this opportunity. 



1. If you have no experience and are looking to grow a business opportunity we have hands on in-house experts who are there to help you become a e-seller.

2. Ever expanding catalogue and products in pipe-line gives you enough room to partner with us in most of the categories.

3. Products are formulated keeping the digital audience and category in mind, giving room for more business as the e-com trend is picking up.

4. You can get started with minimum investment and grow along with us.


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  • +91 93429 72034
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