Story of Truthsome.

Truthsome is a transparent lifestyle brand. We enable you to achieve amazing results through transparency.

Our motto is pretty straightforward - What you see is what you get!

That is the genesis of Truthsome Saffron with the Power of Antioxidants.

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Why Saffron?

Saffron is one of the most potent and highly adulterated spices in the world. It is an expensive spice as well. So, it is all the more lucrative for ordinary players to export, adulterate and sell it to the consumers like you.

Although there are a few tests to check the adulteration, invariably it happens after one buys the product.

Truthsome solves this problem for you. Coming from the house of CavinKare, we have a reputation to benchmark ourselves to.

We import the best of the saffron from Iran. Iranian saffron is known to possess the best antioxidant content in the world. Apart from our internal testing, we test for the antioxidant properties in two highly accredited food laboratories (One in India and another one in the US). 

Apart from antioxidant levels, we test your saffron for 21 other properties. Only after the saffron passes stringent benchmarks for all the 21 properties, it is made available for you.

And if we can prove our transparency in one of the toughest commodity markets, we are sure to earn your love to infinity and beyond.

Hence, Truthsome Saffron Powered by Antioxidants.